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TGI Paul

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well if the expression "start as you mean to go on" is anything to go by, this year looks set to be as big a disaster as the last one when it comes to the lovelife!

The Busdriver lasted from NYE until the 12th when the Hairdresser stepped back onto the scene. He's an ex from last year. We'd tried, unsuccessfully, to have a relationship 3 times, we're obviously so wrong for each other but there's just some kind of pull...

That lasted until last saturday, the 21st. A record-breaking 9 days for us!! Okay, not quite upto M&M's achievement (see 'introduction') but if you knew me & the Hairdresser it's almost amazing! So anyway, back to singledom... and it's probably for the best!

Anyway, must dash now... got a date lined up ;)


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