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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

This last week...

Sorry it's been a few days since I posted. I've had a confusing few days and not been able to make enough sense of what's going on, in my head and in my life, to even talk to friends, let alone write anything down.

Last Tuesday, I was chatting away to a guy on Gaydar that I've been in contact with for quite some months. He's a handsome Italian, 27 years old, now living in Cardiff.

Out of the blue, he asked "So when are you going to come and visit me?".

"I've got Thursday and Friday off work this week. I could make it up then" I replied, surprising myself at my own spontaneity.

"Great!", he answered "I'm owed some time off, I'll book it now!"

So, Thursday lunchtime saw me at Paddington station with my weekend 'shagbag' in my hand and a thrill of anticipation in my stomach.

He met me at Cardiff Central two hours later; handsome in his suit having come straight from a meeting he couldn't avoid, and his dark Italian looks framing a big white grin as he saw me approaching the barriers.

Our first evening we stayed in together getting to know each other and just relaxing. On the Friday evening, we went into town and hit the bars, ending up in Exit; a club I know well having performed there 100 years ago in my boyband days!

We had a great night, dancing, flirting and laughing. Followed of course by a hot, hot night!

Come saturday I was actually quite sorry to be leaving, unsure of whether we'll meet again, but the Pizza Place in Islington beckoned and the taxi to the station was waiting....


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