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Thursday, January 26, 2006

Ode To Ken

Dear Mr. Livingston,
I’m writing you this letter
As I thought it impolite to ‘phone
Until I know you better.

You see, I’ve had some worries
Which I’d like to verbalise
About our lovely London buses
And their sorry, sad demise.

You took a bit of history
When you stopped the old Routemaster;
You replaced them with a bendy bus
That can’t go any faster!

You took away conductors
And killed the need for queues;
Well, we’ve 3 doors now to bustle for!
What a sorry thing to lose!

It’s not just the snails-pace speed
That causes all this tension;
But with all the extra road these use
There’s twice as much congestion!!

Then add to that the road works,
(They exist at every junction),
And now we’re going really slow….

So remind me,

what’s your function?

(Written on a 45 minute bus journey, that used to take 25 minutes)


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