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TGI Paul

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

To Alfie.......

A few things I’d like to do with you...

Read the paper over your shoulder. Tell you “forever” even if I know that nothing is. Chose paint for the kitchen walls; disagree on the colour. Let you rip my heart open. Pinch your ass in the street. Start all over again. Play. Dance. Shout aloud “Hey sexy, get your ass here. Now!” Teach you the lyrics of the songs I love. Make you feel alive. Ask “Do you still love me?” Hold your hand. Buy leeks and broccolis because they’re good for you.

Leave you breathless. Listen to the thunder while lying in your arms. Stroke your head. Never take you for granted...Never let you take me for granted

Remind you that I’m always right. Cut your hair, and then laugh because I’m crap at it. Meet your family. Watch old b&w movies on a rainy sunday afternoon.

Tell you the truth,
tell you my truths,
and then remember that truth is sometimes unnecessary.

Listen to your work stories when I come back home and I’m exhausted; expect the same. Be fed up when you talk about your ex's. Light up your cigarette even though I'm trying to quit. Look at you brushing your teeth with my toothbrush. Storm out when you’ve really pissed me off. Listen to your joke for the 40th time, and still smile.
Cook you an english breakfast,
... laugh & give up when you won't get out of my way
Want to make it work. Choose an aftershave. Make up some statistics when I want to be right on some topic I know nothing about. Introduce you to my friends. Sort out the mess you left behind you and moan. Drink wine; have a sip of yours when you're not looking. Discuss anything, or remain silent and feel comfy. Share my secret. Apologise. Let you tell me that I’m fantastic. Lie down and look at the stars.
Wake you up because you snore. Push you away when you take too much space in bed.
Stop you from eating too many crisps. Shine your shoes. Not feel threatened by your anger. Be rude. Get aroused when you look at me that way. Dream. Ask you whether you prefer toilet tissue to be white or blue. Not care because I like white better anyway. Pick blackberries. Wonder what to eat tonight. Make some space for you in my life... and in my drawers.

Smile when you are speechless. Re-discover things I have seen 1,000 times, but never that way before you. Get insecure when you look at that gorgeous guy across the bar. Make you believe that you’ll never want anybody else. Be a living contradiction.

Walk on an empty beach,
windy preferably,
then taste the sea salt on your lips.

Wait for your phone call. Feel you inside me. Tease you. Look at you across a room full of strangers and feel safe. Let you go if one day you have become unhappy. Show you my favourite places. Think that you’ve made it all worth while. Compromise. Tell you to fuck off.

Let you touch my soul... regret it the following day

Choose a gift for your daughters wedding. Miss you. Be convinced that it’s going to work. Say that “I’m spoken for” and feel delightfully old-fashioned. Watch with you some stupid tv series that you love. Call for a take away. Be sad and hide it. Go to the movies and pig out on a massive bag of pick n’ mix sweets and feel sick afterwards. Not be sorry.
Be worried when you’re late. Look at silent couples and agree with you that sometimes it is better to say goodbye than say nothing. Love you. Grow old and not mind because it's by you. Go and buy a dog... convince you to get a cat instead.
Tell you that you look good. Cheat on you (only kidding!). Think of you when I’m bored out of my mind in a meeting. Laugh without reasons. Buy you a tie because I think your tastes are …well… Smile when you prove me wrong..

Take you to Dublin for a surprise week-end.
Kiss you on Ha'penny Bridge.
Buy you a souvenir gift
then be too shy to give it to you.

Get pissed off because you weren’t listening to what I just said. Give you, reluctantly, my last malteser but “for the last time”. Not really knowing where I’m going but insist on giving directions. Have big arguments and get all melodramatic, make up. Make out in public.

Pack too much stuff for the holiday,
have a go at you because I’m always the one doing the packing.

Apply suncream on your back. Fold sheets. Make an effort. Be sickeningly romantic. Remind you when it’s my birthday. Give you my opinion. Do something and then worry that you’re gonna be pissed off at me. Shop at Harrods. Shop at Safeway.

Not move when you’re sleeping on my arm and I have a fucking cramp,
give in and roll you over because the fucking cramp is just too much to bear,
then lie back and watch you sleep.
... breathe in and take you in.

Call you first when I have some news to share. Get outrageously drunk; ache laughing when you do. Make you blush in front of your friends.Make your life extraordinary. Wish we’d met when we were 20, then realise it wouldn't have worked.

Be happy…

…make you happy


  • Great post, Paul. Nice to see that you're blogging again, as well. (Oh dear, that Thursday night was a bit of a disaster, wasn't it? Never mind!) Wishing all the best with your new man.

    By Blogger mike, at Friday, May 12, 2006  

  • Thanks Mike!

    Disaster?! I had quite alot of fun lol!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your big day, glad to read it was a success and you had a great holiday!!

    By Blogger Paul, at Monday, May 15, 2006  

  • wow- what an exquisite love letter paul!

    By Blogger angel, at Monday, January 01, 2007  

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