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Friday, February 10, 2006

Being English

I was reading this morning on Society Freaks blog his thoughts on the lack of passion in the English race compared with some others who take their passion for their race or religion to the extreme, and how the vast difference makes it hard for us to empathise with the strength of their feelings.

He's right! As a country we only seem to get really worked up over sport, soaps or the latest goings on in whichever reality tv programme is currently holding millions in its car-crash grasp.

When we see our national flag, be it the St Georges Cross or the Union Jack, we tend to feel embarrased, as it's emblazoned across the boxer shorts of a lobster coloured drunk!

I was amazed last year that many local councils banned flags from being put up on St Georges Day out of concern over offending minority groups, and even more amazed that quite a high proportion of English people didn't know when St Georges day was!

Look at the fuss the Americans make over July 4th, or the parties that take place all over the world on St Patricks Day! I know this is mainly because both these countries have been repressed nations and we haven't, but to be honest I'm starting to feel a little repressed now; albeit by an attitude of crazy politcal correctness rather than another nation!

So here's my attempt at helping to reinject some national pride.... hope you sign it!

"There is a chance the public can make St Georges Day a public holiday (After this year) Click on the link below to vote, the site needs at least 500,000 votes for the government to take it seriously and give us another holiday, and I know you are up for that! Pass the address on to whoever you can!

St Georges Day Holiday


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