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Friday, August 11, 2006

This Weekend...

Work's nearly done now and another weekend is starting. I was meant to be flying up to Edinburgh to visit a friend and see some of the Fringe, but given the events of the last 36 hours I've decided to keep clear of airports! Maybe I'll go next weekend.

So I have a clear weekend now. Clear that is apart from meeting a friend this evening in Soho. I say 'a friend'; what I really mean is 'an ex-boyfriend'. That'll be the ex-boyfriend I haven't seen since I got home from work 3 weeks ago to find a 'Dear John' letter in the kitchen and the spare keys he'd been using pushed back through the mailbox.

I hadn't written about him at the time because it was all quite whirlwind, but here's a brief synopsis;

We met, he took me out, he admitted he already had a boyfriend but things weren't going well.

He took me out to woo me at a very expensive restaurant. His boyfriend happened to be sat at a table near the door, with a girlfriend of his, as we were leaving!

So he stayed at mine for a few days, and we got on great. Then he decided he was fucked up and confused, and ought to go and stay at a friends. Of course he didn't tell me that.... but it was in the letter.

So off I go. I'll see what he has to say. But no second chance! 'Be strong and be beautiful!', I've been saying all day. Butterflies are starting to assemble in my belly now as it passes 5:30.....


  • I hate situations like that. Someone did something similar to me, once, and it came to light after six very happy weeks that what he was really doing was making his bf jealous enough so that the bf would settle into a monogamous relationship rather than an open on. I think the guy I was seeing got his way in the end, because he ended up back with his original bf and I was dumped quicker than a bad curry.

    By Blogger Qenny, at Friday, August 11, 2006  

  • Justice will be served.

    By Blogger JP, at Monday, August 21, 2006  

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