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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Commuter Rant

I'm tired, late for work and very very grumpy.

I couldnt finish the 'Difficult' Sudoku before getting to Uxbridge station. I got squashed into my seat by two huge men, one opposite and one beside me. Why they couldn't pick any of the empty double seats elsewhere is beyond me. A girl across the aisle had her i-pod conveniently set at a volume that you could hear the drums and bass, but not quite loud enough that you could make out the tune.

On the tube, in a PACKED carriage, at peak time, there was a man on crutches, a man with a baby buggy, and a woman with a suitcase on wheels; between them taking up the floorspace of 10 people and bashing everyone else with their respective hazards. Babies, large luggage and invalids should have restricted hours access. As should old people who don't understand how Oyster cards work at the ticket barriers whilst delaying crowds of people behind them.

I've walked into the office and no-one has spoken to me, but D (who sits back to back with me) has just sent an e-mail asking me to call the Arundel office. Chatty bunch here eh?


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