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TGI Paul

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Tuesday morning update...

Well, there was I saying what a great summer we're having.....

Out of the World Cup, out of Wimbledon (though after Murrays comments about the World Cup I'm glad to see him go... more of that in another post tho!), and now that
argey-bargey's coming home, the predicted thunderstorming has just started!

Thick, black clouds over Hackney and deep loud rumbles echoing through the sound of a sudden downpour of rain.

I love summer thunderstorms, especially the ones at night. However, the ones that attack like this, during the day when you're out and about, or lazing in Soho Square, or worse at Hampstead Ponds, can be a bit of a fucker!

I was planning on a visit to Hampstead today, yesterday being the scorcher that it was and with the forecast that today would be even hotter.

I'm so glad I got delayed!


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