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Saturday, May 20, 2006

Kali Spera!

ohmygodohmygodohmygod..... I'm SOOOOOOOOO excited!

Eurovision hits our screens tonight in one big huge camp kitsch caterwalling frenzy and I cant wait! The semi-finals were broadcast on Thursday with the 'shock' loss of one of the favourite acts, Belgium. Personally I didnt like her anyway; her skirt was split way too high and she had a gap between her knees the width of the Blackwall Tunnel (fairly obvious it wasn't her singing talents that got her that far... hussy!)

Anyway, my bet's on Sweden. They've got a camp old lush called Carola (wasn't that a fizzy drink?) singing a song called "Invincible".... a very 'Euro' title if ever there was one! Romania's also looking very good with a cute young lad singing a high-energy europop number called "Tornero", (not quite sure what it means but I'm sure Terry will enlighten us tonight!) One of the most un-euro entries EVER comes from Finland with an act called 'Lordi'. It sounds like a camp name ("Lordi Lord!") but they look like the living dead and sound no better.... whoever thought heavy metal would make into this popfest?!

Personally, I don't think Daz has a chance of coming much higher than 10th, but I dont like him anyway so I dont care.

I shall be watching it on the big screen at Central Station in Kings Cross, hosted by one of my favourite drag acts ever, Adrella, and have my scorecard ready! Hopefully will have pictures for you tomorrow.

Have Fun... I will!!


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