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Monday, July 10, 2006

New Job At Last!

Well as you know, I've been waiting for post regarding an interview I went for.

It came, at last, on the Friday morning. It wasn't as bad a wait as it sounds though, as the head of IT had called me on tues evening (when I was outside Comptons after a few spritzers! "Richard who? Where did I give you my number? Whats your gaydar profile?" Horror!), to apologise for not yet having written.

Luckily, (stupidly?), he didn't change his mind following our exchange and I still got the offer!

So this is the job...

To start with, I'll be spending a few months at Head Office in Uxbridge receiving full IT training on our systems and troubleshooting/problem solving etc. obviously this time is dependant on how quickly I pick things up.

Once trained, my job isn't going to be tied to the IT helpdesk luckily, as I think that would drive me mad! I'll basically, frm the sounds of it, be setting my own agenda pretty much as a HELPDESK ANALYST.

This involves filtering the calls put into the helpdesk and searching out the ones that are purely training based. then looking for 'serial phoners' and going out to their restaurants and working with them 1 to 1 with a view to reducing the number of IT calls that really aren't IT issues.

Apparently, my name was put forward for the position by the Head of Learning & Development after I went for the last interview, and its actually worked out for the best as this role is better paid and I get the IT training and experience on my CV, as well as training experience. So I'm dead chuffed!


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