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Tuesday, July 04, 2006

Andrew Murray, and THAT comment

I'm sure you're all aware by now of a certain comment Andy Murray made last week when being interviewed and was asked about who he was supporting in the World Cup. (It's certainly sparked alot of responses on his own blog

His response was, according to the Evening Standard, "Anyone but England". A silly remark, methinks, made by a lad who's 19 years became evident in his naivete in dealing with a media who deviously led him into making this comment. After all, why even discuss the football at a tennis interview?

The dislike between the Scots and the English has been going on for many hundreds of years, and it's not likely to change anytime soon, especially in sporting terms. I know, from speaking to Scottish friends, that they see the English ignoring their achievements, calling them 'British' when they do well, but calling our athletes 'English' when its us winning.

I dont therefore, expect him to support England. If, say, he were to have been a long standing fan of Brazil, it would have been perfectly ok for him to use that as an answer in the interview.

However, "Anyone but England" can only be seen as ridiculously petty, if not bordering on racist and thats not how a sportsman should act! It also adds to an English perception that many Scots have chips on their shoulders that must weigh a tonne!

It is a huge pity that when one of the four countries in these Isles fails at something, they cant seem to support their neighbour who is having more success. Its more of a pity, however, when they will support anyone who knocks their neighbour out!

A very disappointing remark Andy!


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