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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Fast Love

So George Micheal's been caught getting upto naughties again! Like I care. Hapmstead Heath has been renowned for it for years, way before even Kenneth Williams' days, and though I personally am a little too chicken to go there after dark, each to their own. It's not as if innocent children or shockable old dears are going to be wandering around the Mens Pond at 3am!

I feel a little sorry for George that he gets hounded by the press like this, as all 'Celebs' do. But it's so hypocritical when it's for things that you wouldn't be at all surprised if the journo's do it themselves (re: Kate Moss; 'A supermodel on cocaine?? Outrageous!! You'd never catch a tabloid reporter like me touch the stuff!! Quick, whop it all over the front page!!')

I feel a little sorrier for Kenny Goss, Georges boyfriend. I'm sure he is perfectly happy with that arrangement, but hasn't actually done anything himself (at least, not that he's been caught at!) to warrant being hounded or his relationship being speculated on. But that's Georges fault, not the press I think!

But most of all, I feel most sorry for Norman Kirtland.
The guy thinks he's just had a great time with some tall, dark stranger in the bushes and before you know it he's being hot-tailed all the way back to his native Brighton by NOTW hacks!

Of course, he feels he has nothing to hide, (or maybe it's the bg fat cheque being waved in his face), so he's happy to tell all to the friendly guys from the gutter press.

Then, lo and behold, for the sake of making George look extra-seedy, the guy gets absolutely slated, with even his flat in Brighton (which the press followed him to) being described as squallid and scruffy with 'dirty plates and cutlery lying around'. What does that matter? George wasn't there!

George didn't care what he looked like anyway, who does when you're cruising? It's just the thrill you're after. It'll wear off though George, it did for me, but probably not while you have Kenny to fall back on!


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