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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Ghostly Sightings?

You've probably all seen the news about the house that's having it's gardens dug up by police searching for the remains of two children that, its been claimed, have been buried there for over 30 years.

Well an article in today's Metro has revealed that the family who currently reside in the house moved out three months ago because they felt the house was haunted. Their 9 year old daughter claimed she saw two children in the garden, a girl and a boy wearing an orange jumper and brown trousers. The articles states that she was given counselling at the time.

It also goes on to say that their 3 year old son, whose bedroom had overlooked the garden, couldn't sleep there.

I know there are many cynics in this wirld, but I'm not one of them! This proof, to me, is as good as any that would be allowed in court! There IS something in that garden. The clothes she describes are typical 70's colours, I had a similiar 'look' myself.

And yes, children DO have a sixth sense that gradually gets knocked out of them by the scientific rationalism of adults.

In the house I grew up in we had a 'ghost', although my Mother referred to her as a 'Guardian Angel'. My Mum was the first to see her and, not wishing to scare us children, only told my dad about her. He dismissed it, being a psychic cynic, until weeks later Mum woke and saw her again. She nudged my Dad awake, he looked up, grumbled something and went back to sleep.

For days he wouldn't admit to seeing anything. Eventually, under duress perhaps, he did. But amazingly, he described exactly what my Mum had seen; a description she had never voiced. Still nothing was said to us kids.

Thatis, not until my Sister and I started complaining and fighting with each other about the 'silly tricks' the other was obviously playing during the night; knocking on our doors, or pushing them open, and then running away and hiding. Then one night when my Sister was woken up by one of my so-called pranks, she saw 'Rebecca' (as we later nicknamed her). Then it all came out amongst the whole family, my Mother explained the theory that she was an Angel, not a ghost; there to watch over us. It was actually very comforting to know she was there keeping an eye; in fact, I used to wait for my door to open at night, and feel her cold fingers brush my face before I could sleep.

These children seen in their burial place are obviously not there keeping an eye on anything, but just restless, unhappy souls who suffered a cruel, unbelievably horrific and untimely death. I truly hope they rest better if they are found, identified and given some final peace.


  • I am very cynical about a whole load of stuff, but have experienced enough in the way of ghostly phenomena not to be able to dismiss it wholesale as a load of old piffle.

    Cold fingers to lull you to sleep though? *shudders*

    By Blogger Qenny, at Wednesday, August 09, 2006  

  • It's all done with mirrors you know.

    By Blogger JP, at Friday, August 11, 2006  

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