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Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Rest of Tuesday Evening....

The chance encounters of Tuesday evening, below, were just part of an altogether more bizarre evening, but I felt the need though to blog that as a chapter in itself. Here goes for the rest of it...

Whilst in Comptons, I had a voicemail come through on my phone. It was my Sister but the line was very bad and I could only make out bits of her message; ".... had an accident....car....alright...." and the likes. Oh shit!

I went out of the pub and called her straight back naturally. There had been an accident; a car had pulled out of a side turning onto the A3 and straight into the side of my Sister who was going at about 50mph. Luckily, there was no-one behind her or she would have been concertina'd. As it was there was just some whiplash, and the onset of shock. Her car was written off. I recommended brandy, hot water & sugar and a hot deep bubble bath... it works for me every time!

Then another voicemail; from a friend in Nottingham. Did I have any personal contact details for Argey; next of kin etc? Another SHIT! He also had been in a traffic accident, but I won't go into details as I have every faith that he will be well enough soon to tell us all about it himself. Needless to say I was totally panicked though! I don't know any of his family contacts so felt totally useless and unable to help at all.

After the 'Surbiton Set' had all dispersed I decided to go and grab something to eat, and I crossed over Shaftesbury Avenue and into one of my favourite Chinese restaurants, The Chinese Experience. As well as having great food and very friendly staff, I also have a 20% VIP discount card!

Halfway through my meal, I had a call from a guy I've been talking to on Gaydar for a while. He's a porn director and I've mentioned to him before that it's often been a fantasy of mine to take part in a porn movie.

He had been filming that day, but one of his models had no-showed and he had concerns that this guy would no-show again for the second part of the shoot the following day. He wondered if I might be interested in stepping in.

Well, I'd had a few beers by then so the dutch courage within me blurted out the reply "Of course! I'd love to!"

Then sense took over, "What kind of scene is it?"

"Nothing heavy, pretty vanilla stuff. Young guys, mainly duos, one threesome scene. I normally like to audition guys but I guess we won't be able to fix that before tomorrow will we?"

As it turned out, he lives in Soho. I was just round the corner from his flat. So I finished my meal, paid up and headed off.

He came to the door and I was immediately taken with his looks. Tall and slim with dark, floppy hair, like Keanu Reeves, and a lovely smile. Underneath his loose t-shirt I could make out a fit, toned torso. He poured me a beer and we chatted for a while, him asking me questions about what I liked doing and the experiences I've had. We went into his office where he showed me some rushes from the first days filming. The guys in the movie looked really hot! I was feeling very comfortable with him now, and his comments on my looks increased my confidence, so I started to undress. He liked the look of my body. He sat on the sofa and just observed as I stripped for him, he didn't touch me or himself.

Needless to say, I ended up doing a 'full' audition, his observation increasing my arousal. He liked what he saw, saying he would really be interested in using me in the movie if this guy didn't show up again. He said would put me on stand by.

It was late now and I was tired so I asked if I could stay over. He offered to get me a duvet so I could stay on the sofa, a true gent. I slept well, slipping off with a smile on my face, proud that I'd just broken another personal barrier; I'd actually auditioned and jacked off for a porn director!

The next day he called me at about 1 in the afternoon. The 'model' had turned up and so he wouldn't be needing me, but he said he definitely wants to use me at some point. I don't know if I will now, that decision was so spur of the moment that I'm not sure I'll have the same confidence if left to consider it for a while. We'll see.


  • Oh blimey. You have to do this, Paul - because if you do, then I immediately get to tick off a long-held dream of my own, albeit retrospectively! ;-)

    By Blogger mike, at Monday, October 02, 2006  

  • Well done! ON the Chinese Experience VIP-card - how did you get that? We go there every now and again, but haven't been prsented with one yet.
    Oh and well done on the porn front too! :)

    By Blogger Chris, at Monday, October 02, 2006  

  • mike: happy to oblige! ;o)

    chris: I was there in their opening week, purely by chance and was given a 6 month VIP card, which I used a few times. When I went after it had expired and they renewed it for a year one :o)

    By Blogger Paul, at Tuesday, October 03, 2006  

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