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Saturday, June 16, 2007

The Party Season Is Upon Us....

Every summer, life begins to get a little more expensive. The Vauxhall Tavern starts to get more and more crowded on a Sunday afternoon as the sun gets stronger out on 'The Grassy Knoll'*, there seems to be a different 'Pride' occassion every few weeks, and the party invitations make you realise that you do have plenty of friends after all!

In my particular social circle the season is clearly marked out at either end. At the start of June, just as the weather gives us the first promising signs of the fun months to come, we kick off with Vic's birthday (of G&V fame) and Gary's birthday in the middle of September neatly brings the season to a weary close.

In between these we get their anniversary (oddly on the same day as my parents wedding anniversary AND my parents 'Decree Absolute' that purely coincidentally was signed off in the courts exactly 25 years later!), there's Brighton Pride, London Pride, Soho Pride, and I'm also hoping to make it up to Nottingham Pride, even though Argey Bargey and hubby are going to be away.

Oh, and there's my birthday in August too, although thats not a big thing this year. What kind of a nothing number is 38 eh?

So last weekend we started with a BBQ at G&V's fantastic new pad in Bow. Gary, being Gary, has naturally not just got the best apartment in that block, but easily the best in the whole area. Top floor, large roof terrace, views of Canary Wharf in one direction, and The Gherkin and Millenium Wheel in the other.

About 20 of us where there, all fitting quite happily out on the terrace, although it got a bit chilly later and some moved indoors. I knew the vast majority and those I didn't know were friendly and sociable.

Apart from The Little One, (a friend of a friend of a friend etc... who I've known pretty much as long as G has known V... he kind of came in a package, though not literally, with Vics side of the group), I did notice that everyone was coupled. As far as any possibility of anything happening with The Little One, thats a non-starter for both of us; we get on really well but neither are the others type. So, it was going to be a chatty one for me. Thats good, I thought, it makes a nice change not to be thinking about cruising haha!

And chat I did! I met some really lovely people, and specifically spent the majority of my time with a girl (sorry, woman!) called Lisa, and her soon-to-be-wife, who's been a friend of G's for 10 years or so, talking about everything and nothing. G said the next day its the latest he's ever seen her stay at a party.

Thats a nice compliment!

As the evening edged towards the wee small hours a few of us had the great idea of moving onto The White Swan, the infamous club that saw Michael Barrymore's declaration of his gayness a few years back. (note: arrested again? Watching with interest!). I can't remember how late it was when a very nice chap offered me a lift home (I checked if he had a swimming pool, he said 'no' so I figured he was ok!), but I I do know I made it home... unlike the others, who apparently went on to Fire at stupid-o'clock in the morning!

The next day brings a whole other chapter, so I'll continue with that later I think.

Chat later, Pxx

* The Grassy Knoll is the affectionate nickname for the bit of parkland behind The Vauxhall Tavern, mainly populated by gay men in varying states of trashedness depending on how far through their personal weekend they are. Just leaving Fire from friday night? Sleepin after Crash on the saturday? Or just starting at the Tavern on a sunday? They all mix and mingle here in the sun


  • Oh dear Mr Barrymore. Where did it all go wrong? Probably around the time he coined the catchphrase 'Awite' to be honest....

    Good to hear you are enjoying yourself Paul :o)

    By Anonymous Mark, at Tuesday, June 19, 2007  

  • whoa- sounds like you're going to be busy- at least you'll be having fun!!!
    as for birthdays, i reckon every single one of them should be celebrated like there won't be another one!

    By Blogger angel, at Saturday, June 23, 2007  

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