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Sunday, June 03, 2007

A Very Quick Round-Up

I know I've been really bad at posting lately, especially tales about me. There's been an awful lot going on, a lot of which has been quite confusing and difficult to sort out in my head.

This, of course, is the very reason I should have tried to get it in writing, it almost definitely would have helped. But life sometimes seems to move so fast eh?

Work has been busy, not sales wise just busy. Staff changes, system changes, end of year meetings etc, have all kept me firmly in the Land of Cheese On Toast. Socially, there have been a good few occassions... remind me to tell you later about the Ice Bar visit, I've got some great photos of the place. Its awesome!

My lodger M is now firmly esconced in this years batch of Big Brother bitches & wannabees and live streaming is ruining my recent efforts to improve my carbon footprint. Other than that he's still the model flatmate. Every now & then I get a text saying "There's a treat in the fridge for you when you get in from work!", and there'll be some Ferrero Rocher or something of the sort waiting for me! Sweet!

As for Phil... thats the confusing part. I've had a bizarre 4 weeks knowing him. Meeting, falling immediately, his honesty about his civil partner and total denial that we could do anything, my admiration of his honesty, commitment and integrity ( so different to J!), his total inability to 'just be my friend', throwing a strop when I kissed someone else in front of him, and therefore our self imposed non-communication of any sorts.

But I miss him.


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