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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Healthy Country Chicken Casserole

I have discovered my true vocation in life; I am a true domestic god(dess)!

Since acquiring the most wanted Christmas present of Le Crueset (albeit by returning of his vile shirt), I have been cooking up a storm in my little kitchen!

I also found a lovely new dinner service and matching wine glass set in the January sales for an absolute bargain of £22 for the lot!! So, all the equipment is here now and I thought it was best to get on and use it!

I have devised the BEST chicken casserole I've ever tasted (though I do say so myself!), all totally fresh, with leeks, celery and carrots. really hearty and healthy, and perfect comfort food for this time of year.

Here's a quick run down...

> Brown off all the ingredients in your choice of butter or oil. I like to use a mixture of the two as the butter adds flavour and the oil stops it burning.

> Add flour. This thickens up the vegetable & chicken juices with the butter and forms your stock. No packet stuff here!! Fill with hot water.

> Add fresh chopped sage & season to taste. Transfer now to a casserole dish.

> Add a basil leaf and put in the oven, low temp for a good hour.

I love this with a baked potato, and fresh asapragus. You can just taste the goodness! Eat your heart out Nigella!!


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