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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

A Memory Vanished

Following an earlier post where I mentioned my history as a Butlins Redcoat at The Ocean Hotel in Saltdean, just outside Brighton, I noticed a hit from a Saltdean website search engine.

Tracing it back to the website, I found this photo...

The steps coming down the back were the entrance to the pool from the cafe, which was where the windows go right along the back. You can make out the pools fountain there on the blue wall.

My bedroom was on the top floor of the block on the left hand side, all the Redcoats lived up there. My room was the one right on the corner. I had windows on two sides, overlooking the sea and the pool. The fire exit there, above the red door, that led to the pool side was like my personal balcony! I was 18, discovering independance and, for a young gay guy, Brighton in 1987 couldn't have been a better home! I had a ball!

I wish I hadn't seen this photo, I prefer it like this...


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