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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Broadband Emergency!

... is the main reason I've not been around much here lately. Apologies to all, especially Vic, who has greeted me on the last two meetings with comments such as "Why haven't you been writing your blog?"
"Hello Vic, I'm fine thanks! How are you?"
"When you are going to update your blog? I had a stop-over last week, and had nothing to read!"
"I'm sorry...."
Cabin crew... such drama queens! (Vic: I jest!)
Anyway, no broadband is the main reason. Orange as my new provider have had trouble taking the line over and are blaming BT. Bt are blaming Homechoice (the old provider), and I'm sure you can guess who Homechoice are blaming.
Oh what fun I've had finding my way through the endless telephone 'menus', and the joy of recounting the whole history to the umpteenth extremely helpful person in Calcutta.
"You've come to the wrong extension, you'll have to call back and choose option number 6 from the 4th menu on the left just past the Roundabout of Confusion. Have a pleasant day!"
"Why can't you transfer me?"
"We don't have that facility, goodbye."
"What the f.."
Or this classic line...
"Sorry I can't help you today... our system is down!"

"Funny that", says I, "so's mine!"


  • Yeeeeeah!! In Vancouver and I have now got something to read........(with much love The Drama Queen!)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at Wednesday, May 16, 2007  

  • Finally you're back. Had me worried but not surprised to hear why you;ve been away. These folks don't give a shit about us...just our dollars.

    I hope they credit you for the down time.

    So...fill us in on what's been going on with you. Hopefully good news!

    Missed you!

    rodger dodger

    (Google's not liking my login just now)

    By Blogger rodger, at Thursday, May 17, 2007  

  • oh the joys of telephone help centres...

    By Blogger angel, at Sunday, May 20, 2007  

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