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Thursday, October 19, 2006

Lady Mucca Strikes Again!

More alarming revelations from Heather McCartney Mills. Apparently, the ex-Beatle is a wife beating, alcoholic, drug addict who forced her to cook for him despite a broken pelvis, to crawl on the floor to the toilet, and denied her the right to breast feed her baby, declaring "Those are my breasts" (they'd look pretty funny on you Paul!)

Now, forgive me for being cynical but I can't quite believe these divorce files were "leaked" to the Daily Mail. Infact, by all accounts, they were faxed. So surely they must be pretty easy to trace?

I must admit I've never liked the woman. Accounts from her ex-husbands brand her as a compulsive liar, and a social, as well as financial, gold digger. She seems to be pretty good at staging things too; the headlines yesterday coincided with an appearance on BBC television where she disclosed that she had been counselling victims of the July 7 London bombings. What a lovely woman she must be! (groan)

"I always do it quietly,"she said, "because I want to keep them out of the press."

So why are you doing it on BBC1 then Heather? A big publicity stunt perhaps?

If it was, then it certainly wasn't staged by PR heavyweight Max Clifford who said, "I would not represent Heather Mills for all the tea in China, and that is the nicest way I can sum up my feelings for her."

The daft thing is that she may actually have shot herself in the foot here. Princess Diana, who was represented by the same divorce lawyer, was awarded £17m purely because she agreed to a confidentiality clause.

If Heather's going to push for the reported £200m she wants (does she really think she's worth 12 Diana's?!) then she has already lost the chance to get it on the grounds of agreeing to a simliar clause... what else is there for her to disclose? If this really is the truth that is.

Which I doubt. She seems, to me, to be a scheming, devious, money grabbing woman, who has a very high, false, sense of self importance!

Read the 'leaked' claims here


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