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Friday, November 10, 2006

The Winning Streak Continues....

As I mentioned earlier in the week, I'd enjoyed a run of good luck over the weekend but yesterday morning I was going to post that it had come to an end by getting no numbers at all in Wednesday evenings lottery. Not a digit.

However, I didn't get time to post that, and it wasn't that interesting anyway. It actually turns out though that it would have been a touch premature. You see, yesterday we had our monthly team briefing; a big affair with everyone from Head Office attending. It's a bit of a waste of time normally. But yesterday I was awarded the "Restaurant Support Hero of the Month" award, comprising a certificate (coo!) and another £50 vouchers to add to the £100 I got on Monday. Hurrah!

What I was most pleased about with this was, that I was having my interview later in the afternoon for the Hampstead restaurant vacancy so this was great 'self-marketing' fodder to take along!

The meeting went well, and to be honest I surprised myself with some pretty good answers. Although there was one that I knew was crap. It was one of those dodgy questions that I umm'd and aah'd about and eventually said something that I knew sounded substandard. However we talked for about an hour and a half in total which I think was a good sign. I felt we got on well, we even laughed a few times. Genuinely I mean.

The Ops Manager interviewing me said he would be able to let me know today as he had just one more person to interview this morning. This is great as I hate waiting for news on stuff like this, as some of you may recall from the last time.

About two minutes after I left, as always happens, the perfect answer to the dodgy question came into my head! When this has happened before, I've just kicked myself about it but this time I took action and called his mobile. Carpe diem!

"I know this is a little unconventional," I said "but I've just been thinking about something we discussed and wondered if I could add another bit to my answer?" Luckily, he laughed and said of course I could, so I think I actually scored extra points there. Well, it shows I give things careful consideration until I'm really happy I figure.

From there, I headed into the West End for our "IT & Finance Year-End Bash". At my suggestion, we had opted for a visit to Bar Salsa and a lady from Finance and myself have been organising it for the last 6 weeks or so.

The evening was a great success luckily. The food was nothing special, standard tex-mex stuff, but it was ok. Then we all joined in a beginners Salsa class followed by freestyle Salsa to DJ's and, later on, some live music. I have to admit that I loved it! I hadn't told anyone of my secret past as a professional dancer and an amateur Latin American ballroom champion, so I pulled out a few of the old moves that I could remember. Which in truth wasn't many.. well it was 20 years ago nearly! I'm glad I kept it a secret actually.

So then this morning, adding to my lucky streak, I was handed a bottle of very fine looking Merlot as a thanks for helping to organise the night.

It'll soon seem odd to come to work and not get a gift at this rate (",)


  • Damn! Send a little luck this way will ya'?

    And what's this about the professional dancing? Have I not looked deep enough into your archives?

    By Blogger rodger, at Friday, November 10, 2006  

  • Good luck with the job, Paul! (though by the sounds of it, you've got horseshoes up your arse, so my wishes are pointless!) I was waiting for news about my potential job today as well and as I suspected, nothing today. So a painful weekend of waiting and hoping ensues... hope you have a good one.

    By Blogger Mike, at Friday, November 10, 2006  

  • Looks like we're both still waiting.... his other interviewee on friday AM postponed, so I have too wait until they meet...

    yadda yadda yadda.....

    By Blogger Paul, at Sunday, November 12, 2006  

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