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Friday, December 01, 2006

Scissor Sisters at Wembley

Saturday just gone, Sis and Nephew & I were all heading off to catch the London leg of the Scissors tour. They arrived at mine traditionally late ('I've been drving round for 30 minutes trying to park! Honest!'), so we set off a little later than we were hoping.

The journey is the same route as I've been travelling to Uxbridge for the last four months. I'd forgotten I would be doing it again the day after I thought I was never going to do it again, but with the company it was much more fun!

As we were walking along to the arena, I realised that this was a special ocassion as it was Nephew's first pop concert!

"He's been to a concert before!" Sis argued "He came to David Essex with me!"

"That doesn't count, I meant a POP concert!" I love ribbing her about David Essex; she's adored him since 1974!

The support act was Lily Allen; local Islington girl and this years 'hip young thing'. I'm not a great fan of hers but she was actually a lot better than I was expecting; confidently bouncing through a great set and helpfully reminding us that "you've got the Scissor Sisters coming on later!" Really?!? Ooh, thats nice then!

What she failed to mention though was how much later. We had an hour and a quarter between the two acts. It was 9:15 when they eventually came on and the excited moods were starting to wane.

Jake Shears soon sorted that out though once they arrived! Straight away, almost the whole audience were on their feet, and he had something to say to the ones that weren't! There was no hiding here! His energy always amazes me, but to keep it going for nearly two hours was awesome!

Ana Matronic was alot more static, but as verbal as ever! Now, I'm not sure if it was a bad choice of dress or not but I had the thought that she looked pregnant! I mentioned it to Sis, who said she was thinking the same. Wait and see... if she is, you saw it here first! If she isn't, of course, then I'm really sorry Ana. Maybe a different outfit would be better?

I enjoyed the show alot; there were no flash gimmicks in the form of graphics or sets or dancers, which gave it more of a rock concert feel than pop. One of the highlights for me came when Jake gave mention to Mike Jones; the rentboy who recently outed an anti-gay Pastor, Ted Haggart, head of the evangelical movement.

He then dedicated "Everybody Wants The Same Thing" to the preacher;

"Just remember life's in love with you but let's suppose
That God ain't gonna drop you no hundred dollar bill
You've got to question your intentions
'Cause the bad ones kill"


Checkout some great photos here by Kevin Tachman


  • for some reson this post made me want to sing "We dream the same dream, we want that same thing, woohoooo"

    By Blogger Buttons, at Monday, December 04, 2006  

  • i only recently heard of them for the first time with their hit "i don't feel like dancing" down herein good ol' south africa... but i'd love to see them live!

    By Blogger angel, at Sunday, December 10, 2006  

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