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Monday, October 23, 2006

McCartney vs, McCartney

It's all getting very underhanded here, with more mud thrown than we've seen anywhere since Dynasty!! The former 'model' has been throwing about a few sequins of her own!

We've had leaked court papers, that then turned out to have 5 pages missing (the five pages that could've made her look bad apparently!), then it turned out they were not the papers after all but only the first draft.... that only Heathers camp would have seen. But she tried to blame the leak on him anyway, saying he was doing it for sympathy.


He doesn't need stunts to get sympathy Heather... we can see what you're like!!

Over the weekend we had allegations from her that he had hit Linda, his ex-wife, too. This was probably the nasiest piece of manipulation I've ever seen.

Linda McCartney was a strong minded, independant business woman who believed in human and animal rights. Could it honestly be imagined that she'd have stuck with Paul if he was a wife beater?

Besides that.... to drag a dead womans name into the ring and rubbish that marriage, not only to the world, but to Linda's own children is both diabolical and sickening!!

Then today it turns out she's been handed a tape of a private conversation between Sir Paul and his daughter Stella; (by a 3rd party obviously... bugging is illegal in this country!).

She has proved over and over again that she's a liar, from the denial of her porn work (pictured, but cropped for the sake of stopping mass nausea) to the fabrication that she used to live rough, it's all been crap. If what she's saying has any modicum of truth whatsoever then how can she expect to be believed? If she'd ever heard of 'The Boy That Cried Wolf' I'm sure she'd know better!


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