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Thursday, November 16, 2006

A Mention

Yesterday, my blog had a mention on Gay In London's blog. It's interesting to read how other people percieve you sometimes so it was good to read.
He's a relatively new blogger, but is obviously very adept at writing and I've found myself identifying with his life quite easily, so it's an enjoyable read.
Anyway, there's the link if you're interested. ;o)


  • I had to go have a look-see. And comment, of course. :-)

    By Blogger Reluctant Nomad, at Friday, November 17, 2006  

  • Funny, I don't find you depressing in the least. Maybe its my age or your Britishisms. Either way I find your blog interesting and another perspective on this crazy world we all live in.

    By Blogger rodger, at Friday, November 17, 2006  

  • I think he means it as a compliment actually, in that my world seems different from his in a way that he would like his to be?

    (you may need to read that sentence twice for it to make sense... I had to and I wrote it!!)

    By Blogger Paul, at Saturday, November 18, 2006  

  • Ah..yeah...I didn't see it that way but it makes sense.

    By Blogger rodger, at Sunday, November 19, 2006  

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