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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Before I started getting engrossed in the McCartney case, I was writing about stuff with Jay, and I mentioned in that post "The rent money he gave me came in handy too of course! Since I've moved here I've realised I've over-committed myself financially and things have been tight. I hate being short of cash, it means you can't do the things you're mates are doing, and I worry myself sick when the direct debits start to bounce."

So, this weekend gone I made a decision; I'm taking on a flatmate! So I took some pics of the flat and registered my place on the OUTLET site.

That was Sunday and I've had 6 applicants already so it looks like I'm gonna have a busy week interviewing! (",)



  • Hang on hang on hang on... your flat only has the one bedroom, doesn't it? And the one bed, right?

    (The Outlet profile confirms it. Ooh, I remember that room, and that one, and... um, yes.)

    So, you'll be a bit more than "flatmates", won't you?

    Is this how personal ads work these days, then? You have to like the property before you view the "landlord"? ("Ooh, nice kitchen. He might be worth a sh*g then...")

    I'm missing something, aren't I? Please tell me I'm missing something!

    By Blogger mike, at Tuesday, October 24, 2006  

  • Yup, you're missing something lol!

    When guys are mailing me or calling me about the flat, I'm explaining to them that the lounge will be getting semi-converted to a bedroom for me... all it's gonna take is a futon and a canvas wardrobe and we're laughing!

    All 6 applicants think thats cool, and no-one has complained of false advertising ;-)

    And besides... do you really think I would need to resort to such underhand tactics to get a man into my bedroom?!?!

    I'm shocked at you Mike!!

    By Blogger Paul, at Tuesday, October 24, 2006  

  • How many did you shag?

    By Blogger Reluctant Nomad, at Friday, October 27, 2006  

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