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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Meet the IT Team....

I've just realized I'm into my 5th week at the new job and I haven't told you any details about the new team I work with! How rude! Well, allow me to introduce you to the rest of the IT Support Team here at "The Pizza Base", (as they've now decided to call our Head Office!)!

My main co-workers here on the helpdesk are a couple of young guys, Phil and Lee. They're both 27 and very 'techie'. Phil is originally from South Africa , but, having travelled lots due to his fathers profession, now has a very mixed up accent! He's a tall, quite thin guy and has the pale skin that I often associate with techies; far too much time spent indoors at their PC's rather than out getting any sun. He's plain and serious looking, but every now and then, when I manage to find a way in to his sense of humour, he displays quite a winner smile!

Lee, on the other hand, is unbelievably attractive! He's as tall as Phil, a good 6 footer I reckon, but much fitter being a 5-a-side player at the weekends, (along with cricket and rowing during the summer months). He has vivid cobalt-blue eyes and strawberry blonde hair that also grows thick and fluffy on his firm, tanned arms; the same arms that I can see out of the corner of my eye, tapping away at the keyboard beside mine... it's wonderfully distracting!

Then there's our Team Leader, Kate, who's the same age as Phil & Lee; making me feel like the old Auntie of the team! Kate is brilliant at her job and there's nothing she doesn't know about our system. She has a slight 'Miss Jean Brodie' attitude about her that can be a little intimidating, and sometimes comes across as blunt, especially when answering very mundane questions; this doesn't make her ideal as a trainer.

However, when a 'proper' IT issue comes in though, or an update goes horribly wrong sending all 320 restaurants into disarray, her eyes come alive with concentrated glee and her mouse clicks into overdrive; whizzing the cursor through the deepest level 3 pages of our database faster than my eyes can keep up with it.

There are a few others here in the Systems team and there's also my boss, Anna, but I'll tell you more about them in time no doubt. I'd better get back to work!


  • Hey Paul...thanks for stopping by my site and dropping the Mae West line. It certainly brightened my day.

    I actually don't feel as old as the post let on but reading it today, you wouldn't know it. I must have been in a funk last evening.

    Thanks again...I'll go read up on your site now.


    By Blogger rodger, at Thursday, August 24, 2006  

  • How nice to hear back from you Rodger! It's always so cool hearing from new visitors... especially ones from far away shores!! (",) x

    By Blogger Paul, at Friday, August 25, 2006  

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