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TGI Paul

Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Civil Partnerships

Having read Argey Bargey's posts about Civil Partnerships, I felt I really ought to add my four-penny worth.

When they were first announced I was overjoyed. Having gone through a blessing ceremony with a partner some 10 years ago (what a trailblazer, eh?), I saw it as a landmark in the fight for equality that a brave few have fought towards for decades. Also, I felt it would be an opportunity to educate so many heterosexuals that gay men and women can have meaningful, long term relationships when so many see us as just "rampant poofs!"

Then I went through the anger phase; anger at the straight, middle class, middle England press for continuing to refer to the partnerships as "gay marriages". This, I felt, was responsible for the furor that erupted amongst certain circles that we would all be defying God's wishes by dressing up in white frocks and committing blasphemous acts in Gods houses up and down the land!

Thanks to the first few partnerships being so tastefully executed by some beautiful couples, who were happy to give quite frank interviews about their many years of hiding and suffering unequal treatment, that all died down and I was relaxed about the whole thing again. Peace.

Now, frankly, I am fed up with it! Not with the press however, but with the endless stream of people who seem to have nothing better to talk about wherever they are! Don't get me wrong; I'm pleased for the people who are lucky enough to have a partner that they want to commit to and who wants them equally in return, but PLEASE keep the conversations to the right place at the right time!!

Fair enough, chatting about your plans in a nice bar, such as Rupert Street or The Yard, with your friends is all very fine and dandy.... but when I stand in a cruise club on a 'Bear & Cubs' night and hear soundbites like "Well, you know, we just can't decide on the flowers! He wants Calla lillies, cos they're his Mums favourite, but they'll always remind me of Diana's funeral now!", it makes me want to spit feathers!

In Comptons a few weeks ago, when the whole bar was single and nodding away, either to a potential shag or just to the beat of the music, one mary from Blackpool piped up with;

"Well of course he wants to dress formal, but I'd much rather wear casual, summat a bit funky!"

"How about a compromise? Tails for the ceremony and your fetish gear for the evening do!"

"Ooo, its such a lot of fussing about changing tho, in't it?"

The moment was ruined. I managed to supress a laugh, as did the majority of the assembled throng. Some didn't.

"Last orders please guys!"

Monday, April 10, 2006

Still alive.... really!

Can't believe it's been so long since I've posted! This isn't going to be a long one either as I'm sat in a not-too-pleasant internet 'caff' in 'Ackeny (that's Hackney for those who need translations)

Quick update then....

1) Move has happened, amidst the usual stress that moving house involves. Actually it wasn't that bad apart from the Abbey making the CHAPS transfer a very difficult thing to acheive and leaving it til the last nail-biting moment.

2) Am neither with Hairdresser, Bus Driver nor Train Guard. In fact, not really even in contact with any of the above.

3) Didn't get "Trainee Managers Training Manager" job. Crap title, didn't want it anyway! (Didn't Aesop write a fable about this?)

4) The Bendy Buses are still getting on my wick

All in all, the last month has been quite lifestyle changing in many positive ways. Mainly down to the flat, I'm sure, as it's created a much more settled, inwardly happy, stay-at-home Paulie that has been absent for quite a while and is welcomed back by many.

There is also the addition of a BF (yes I'm calling him that already... you think it's too soon?), to match brand spanking new executive apartment. A lovely chap, I've known him nearly a year, and he's seen some of the worst of me and has hung around waiting for the best to come out.

So, introducing Alfie to you is a pleasure. He's an author, an improvement you think?... no nylon uniforms (unless requested!). He lives in Hastings, along with a flat in Canary Wharf, and he treats me like a prince. I've already been introduced to the kids; a sweet 15yr old girl and an 18 yr old lad who occassionally slurs "alright" at you, to the extent where I actually asked "Alfie, does he have a speech impediment? I wish you'd warned me!"

"Oh no, he's just stoned"

"Bloody hell, yeah I'll say!"

"Oh no, if he was REALLY stoned he wouldn't be able to talk at all. He's cutting down quite a lot"

Have also been introduced to the ex Mother-in-Law; a fairly well known author, broadcaster and general raconteur. We had a wonderful meal with her in Smithfields Market a few weeks back, which bought back many sordid memories as the setting for some of her more bebauched antics in younger times. I felt like I was being entertained by the real life Mrs Madrigal and it was great!! (Read "Tales of the City" if you haven't already!)

Have also been introduced to the EX! Quite a livewire guy, and I was very tired, so not sure I made the best first impression... but hey, what does he count eh? Well, apart from the fact that the EX's new BF is actually a semi-icon of mine as the singer of one of my favourite bands so I would quite like us to all get on! lol!

Anyway my hour will be up soon, and I'm gagging for a cig, so gonna sign off. BT have PROMISED they'll be round this thursday to fix in the new line and although I'm not holding my breath, I'm really hoping to be online asafp!