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TGI Paul

Saturday, August 18, 2007

Technology's pissing me right off!

Ok, so I know it was my fault I left my mobile in the back of a taxi on Brighton Pride weekend, when I really really needed it, and I know it's my fault I'd never backed up my sim onto the spare one Orange kindly sent me for just this event.

I can live with that, I know now how to contact the people I really care about and the rest can get in touch with me if they so care.

But also this week my pc fucked up. It just wouldn't set up, kept freezing and going to a blank DOS screen. According to the 'helpline' the only thing I could do was to load the restore cd's.

Unfortunately, the first stage of the restore is that they wipe out absolutely everything from your hard drive. I've lost all my photo's, music, documents, workstuff and copies of letters that I really wanted.

It's my fault for not backing up to disc I guess.