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TGI Paul

Thursday, January 26, 2006


Well if the expression "start as you mean to go on" is anything to go by, this year looks set to be as big a disaster as the last one when it comes to the lovelife!

The Busdriver lasted from NYE until the 12th when the Hairdresser stepped back onto the scene. He's an ex from last year. We'd tried, unsuccessfully, to have a relationship 3 times, we're obviously so wrong for each other but there's just some kind of pull...

That lasted until last saturday, the 21st. A record-breaking 9 days for us!! Okay, not quite upto M&M's achievement (see 'introduction') but if you knew me & the Hairdresser it's almost amazing! So anyway, back to singledom... and it's probably for the best!

Anyway, must dash now... got a date lined up ;)

Ode To Ken

Dear Mr. Livingston,
I’m writing you this letter
As I thought it impolite to ‘phone
Until I know you better.

You see, I’ve had some worries
Which I’d like to verbalise
About our lovely London buses
And their sorry, sad demise.

You took a bit of history
When you stopped the old Routemaster;
You replaced them with a bendy bus
That can’t go any faster!

You took away conductors
And killed the need for queues;
Well, we’ve 3 doors now to bustle for!
What a sorry thing to lose!

It’s not just the snails-pace speed
That causes all this tension;
But with all the extra road these use
There’s twice as much congestion!!

Then add to that the road works,
(They exist at every junction),
And now we’re going really slow….

So remind me,

what’s your function?

(Written on a 45 minute bus journey, that used to take 25 minutes)

An Introduction....

Well, after much encouragement from my friend in Nottingham, JPS, I've signed up to the blogging craze. It kind of fits in quite smoothly with one of my New Year Targets (I hate the word resolution... it scares me!);

Find more to do outside work than just drinking!

I'm told I can put whatever I want here that I want to share, (within reason!) so for someone who's as self-obsessed as the next gay Londoner it seems ideal!

2006 so far...

I realized I still had 4 weeks holiday left to take from the Pizza Place and as I'll be moving into my new flat soon in Hackney I thought I'd spend a few days in Nottingham while I still have the house there and catch up with some friends.

I arrived on the Friday evening to find that I'd left my pre-pay gas meter card in Hackney! Naturally, being a Friday evening the office can't send anything out now until Monday morning. It was also bloody freezing and I had zero credit! Happy days! Thank God for Argos convector heaters!!

I spent a couple of lovely fun evenings with JPS, although one was slightly marred by the appearance of an ex who still seems to have an anger management issue! My visit was made all the more special by an invitation to M&M's 10th anniversary party on the Saturday evening out at their guesthouse... my first gay friends to reach that milestone! I'm so proud of them! Having not had time to look for something tin, (the traditional gift), I opted for a bottle of Moet as a gift; infinitely more enjoyable I figured!

Staying back in my little house was an odd mix of fond, cozy familiarity and being completely detached from it. There've been 2 sets of equally bad lodgers since I moved out, and the place is a shell of old memories, no longer really home, yet I remember being so excited and proud of it when I was there.

Of course, being an ice-box definitely didn't help it's lack of emotional warmth! Luckily, the gas card arrived earlier than expected though, on the Monday morning, and by that evening the house was warm and inviting ready for my friend, Little Mermaid, to visit for our "late-xmas-get-together dinner"

We had a lovely chat and exchanged Xmas gifts. She bought me a book, "Talk To The Hand!", and a souvenir pen from my favourite guest house in the world, "24 Henry" in San Francisco, which she bought back from her recent trip there. (see link)

It's a beautiful little house just outside the Castro run by a lovely couple of guys. I adore the city and wish I'd been able to join Little Mermaid and her hubby when they visited there last Hallowe'en

(I cant wait to visit you again Walter, thanks for the pen!!)